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Tran Hung Dao - Duong Dong - Phu Quoc
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Sights : – Cultured pearls Camp : Learn the process of forming a pearl , you can buy the pearls were cultured in the island for souvenirs ( procurement costs excluded) – Phu Quoc prison : living proof that a mark is extremely barbaric crimes of colonialism , imperialist aggression , while talking to the indomitable spirit of the valiant struggle of revolutionaries – Bai stars : the most beautiful white sand beaches of Phu Quoc , you freely and poster collection of the best images for you and this place is one of the most beautiful beaches of Phu Quoc ” star beach beach -it ‘s an absolutely must see ” – Ham Ninh : An ancient village of the island still exists today and learn how fishing and fishermen – where you can buy and enjoy fresh seafood or shopping for souvenirs , dried seafood ( procurement costs excluded) –  Tranh  streams: Explore primeval forest , hiking , and enjoying spring water in the water cooler – Garden objective : to learn traditional methods pepper to create a special kind of people spend origin of the island , visitors can buy specialty pepper in the garden ( procurement costs excluded) – State bins the sauce : Learn traditional methods of composting fish Phu Quoc people to create a delicious sauce famous sauce you can buy in the shop ( shopping costs excluded) – Wine sim : learn method , SIM wine production process , the specialty of Phu Quoc – Configure icon and cultural beliefs of Phu Quoc Island , a place for good luck , peace and a place for local fishermen faith brings to a fishing voyage full of fish returning – Back to hotel . End of program 6 hour tour price puzzle : 15USD / person Compound Price includes tour shuttle , water springs and guide .


Tel: 0773 847 782 - 01693 919 129